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Andro Factory MAX-BULK 126 Softgels

Andro Factory MAX-BULK
126 Softgels
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Supports gains of 8 - 16 lbs in 8 weeks!



The Maximum in Lean Muscle Mass Building

Androgens, estrogens and progestins all come together in the Power of MAX-BULK’s Advanced DHEA Complex: 4-DHEA and 19-DHEA with ANDRO FACTORY’s signature CP+R (1-8) all synergistically balanced - bringing a new player in the race to Lean Muscle Mass and a stronger body.

The research used to formulate MAX- BULK and The Stack make it the most effective advanced muscle building product that you can buy safely, legally and without a prescription. MAX-BULK provides amazing results from which every man can benefit.

MAX-BULK -The only Lean Mass Builder on the market that can claim to promote a calm less aggressive demeanor while building Lean Aggressive Muscle.

Whether you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, a competitive edge, increased motivation, or a sense of accomplishment ANDRO FACTORY delivers safe and natural prohormones that will make you big, keep you safe and on top of your game.

The Advanced DHEA Complex

DHEA in general is commonly known as the anti-aging wonder drug of the century. But DHEA handled properly can result in higher DHT levels. Blood tests have revealed that when formulated properly these androgens can boost DHT levels by 3.5 times within 6 hours of a single 6 soft gel dose.

The 4-DHEA has balanced androgenic, anabolic and estrogenic activities making it a potent muscle building androgen (46-51), naturally converting to the potent anabolic androstenediol, which then can convert to testosterone.

19-DHEA has a stronger anabolic activity and a weaker androgenic activity. (1) it also has some progestational activity, which can help to reduce inflammation in the joints and increase the overall anabolic effect of androgens; (3,9,10) this can convert naturally to the anabolic bolandiol, which can then convert to 19-nortestosterone.

Muscle growth initiated with MAX-BULK

Virtually every aspect of muscle growth is initiated in MAX-BULK. Leaving nothing to the imagination MAX-BULK makes sure that all aspects of its delicately balanced DHEA Complex is moving towards bigger, stronger and more explosive muscles. Some of these effects such as the increased nuclei, myoblasts, and blood vessels can stick around for the rest of your life. (25-28)

Nuclei are essential to support the growth of new muscle tissue. (25) The muscle tissue that is accrued when you are on androgens, gains an increased number of nuclei, compared to training naturally. (23-26) Research suggests that the "extra" nuclei obtained from androgen use, stays elevated in muscle tissue, even after discontinuation of androgens -- and thus protects the muscle tissue from muscle loss after discontinuation of exercise. Increased nuclei also maximizes the potential for growth in response to retraining. (26) The increased nuclei and newly obtained muscle fibers (myoblasts), are retained for years, if not permanently. (20,26)

Supporting and Promoting:

  • New muscle cells - Differentiation of stem cells into muscle cells
  • New nuclei - Increased protein synthesis ability
  • More nutrient delivery - More blood vessels / more blood cells
  • More nutrients retained - Increased utilization of amino-acids for new tissue growth

Muscle building Androgens

Androstenedione, Androstenediol and Testosterone.

New research is showing that testosterone is not the only muscle building androgen! While testosterone is obviously the most researched androgen of the 21st century and the go to androgen for (TRT) testosterone replacement therapy, it is NOT the only androgen.

Several human and animal studies show that androstenedione and androstenediol have very potent muscle building effects (52, 53). The studies referenced in these articles suggest that testosterone was not the active androgen causing these lean muscle building effects. So who is doing all the work if its not our famous favorite hormone testosterone? The potent androgens androstenedione and androstenediol only caused only a mild increase in testosterone yet the animals and humans in these studies were gaining lean muscle mass and losing body fat; almost as if they were on a super high dose of testosterone, interesting isn't it? (52, 53). This observation is also supported by test-tube studies showing that these androgens bind to the androgen receptor in muscle tissue and directly initiate muscle growth. (46-52).

Physical weakness is heavily correlated to low androgen levels. (1-8) Gaining lean mass and strength with low androgen levels is virtually impossible. (10-16) This is probably why some weaker men have such little faith in working out -- because it yields such minimal results -- men with low androgens can virtually block the body from gaining any muscle, or burning any fat from weight training and diet modification. (10-16) If you try to get stronger by working out when you have low androgen levels, it can actually lowers androgen levels.(9)

The Power of Estrogen and Progesterone

So how do you activate stem cells to turn into muscle? -- Androgens. (24)

"Very small embryonic-like stem cells" (VSELs) -- were deposited into your muscle tissue before you were born. (23) There VSELs are basically small cells with an undetermined lineage -- meaning they can convert into just about anything -- such as new muscle cells or fat cells. Through most of your adult life, these little cells sit in a dormant state until something activates them to turn into something meaningful Like New Muscle.

These prohormones actually create new muscle cells from stem cells, new nuclei, increase protein synthesis abilities and Increase utilization of amino-acids for new tissue growth allowing you to retain more nutrients. Some of these effects such as the increased nuclei, and myoblasts may stick for the rest of your life.

The Power of Androgens and Estrogens

Increased blood flow - solid erections

Androgens and estrogens have 13 overlapping genes. Recent research shows that estrogen regulates at least 51 muscle building genes, while androgens regulate 187 genes. (5) Therefore, if you want to activate all 225 genes* for muscle building you need maintain moderate to high levels of estrogen. Estrogen increases IGF-1 release, blood vessel growth, and nutrient uptake in muscles. (4-6,13,14) Plus, estrogen is important for maintaining blood vessel dilation and increased blood flow for good solid erections. (14,15) So, Yes, the "female" hormone has some pretty important muscle building activity. (4-6,13,14)

Note: Another great benefit from the estrogenic action of MAX-BULK is something that non-estrogenic androgens don’t really help with. (5) The first thing your body must do to support new muscle mass, is to bring the constant supply of protein, amino acids and ionic fluid. The 19-norandrogen in MAX-BULK initiates several genes that activate angiogenesis -- The development of new microvascular in muscle. (5,8)

Estrogen... What about Gyno?

All men have estrogen in their body. Outside studies show gyno has almost nothing to do with high estrogen. (17-22) In fact, this research shows that the most important indicator for gyno is the ratio of androgens to estrogens. (17-22) For example, if you have low estrogen, but even lower androgens, you are at a higher risk for gyno than someone who has high estrogens, with even higher androgens. Its all about the ratio.

MAX-BULK’s Advanced DHEA Complex includes 4-DHEA with 19-Nor -DHEA at a precise 3 to 1 ratio to balance the androgenic and estrogenic activity for the lowest risk of gyno -- while still allowing MAX-BULK to have minimal androgenic side effects like hair loss and acne. All MAX-BULK testers have reported to show any signs of gyno symptoms in 4, 6 and 8 week cycles.

If you already have gyno, and are extremely sensitive to irritation, then you may be safer with MAX-BULK -- due to its stronger androgenic action.

Stack It For Massive Muscle Gains

If massive muscle gains is your #1 goal then MAX-BULK or BULK-UP + MUSCLE-UP will provide an unparalleled and massive transformation.

If lean muscle gains is your goal then MUSCLE-UP + LEAN-CUT is what you want.

MAX-BULK Softgels vs. Testosterone 450ng/dL! Equivalent?

Research shows that androgen levels (e.g. testosterone) must increase by 1000 ng/dl to add 3.3 lbs of new lean body mass and to enhance strength by 30% without training or diet interventions (39-41). The outside studies quoted in this article show that a daily dose of 6 MAX-BULK softgels can increase androgens enough to match the overall bioactivity of a 2700 ng/dl testosterone level. (42-51) (52-62)

So if your testosterone level is currently 700ng/dL, than 6 softgels of MAX-BULK could promote enough "testosterone-activity" to surpass the threshold 2x and increase lean body mass by 6.6lbs over 8 weeks -- if you change no factors at all. Subjects have shown that additional lean mass and strength can be obtained by following an appropriate diet and training program.


So what’s the difference between BULK-UP and MAX-BULK you ask??

Well, lets get straight to the point; the refined combination in MAX-BULK’s Advanced DHEA Complex has a precise balance of 4-DHEA and 19-Nor-4-DHEA enabling it to have lower androgenic activity. With lower androgenic activity; this can produce a more mild and reserved demeanor from you and overall less possible side effects like: prostate, hypertrophy, irritability or hair loss (e.g. DHT) (10,19).

However BULK-UPs Advanced DHEA Complex is meant to support a more aggressive feeling with its synergistic balance of: aDHEA, bDHEA and 4-DHEA. Allowing for more strength through its aggression. So you see while both serve a function and provide near results, each provides its own strength. Are you The Calm Gainer or The Aggressive fighter?

Stackable Product

MAX-BULK is non-methylated making it easy to stack with any cycle, this includes all ANDRO FACTORY products and non ANDRO FACTORY products: metabolic steroids, anabolic steroids, prohormones and natural T-boosters. Although ANDRO FACTORY strongly recommends to stick to safe and effective products from ANDRO FACTORY.

ANDRO FACTORY delivers only the best newly innovated prohormones that will make you big, keep you lean and on top of your game in and outside of the gym.


  • and most AFFORDABLE

Do not use this product or any natural or unnatural prohormone, hormone or steroid for more than 8 weeks with out taking an 8 week off cycle.

Whether you are looking for the best possible Androgen/ Testosterone enhancement to gain a competitive edge, or to increase your motivation to gain the body you've always wanted. ANDRO FACTORY'S MAX-BULK will deliver results. You will gain lean, hard muscle, experience new levels of confidence and motivation that will benefit you by promoting confidence in the gym, on the field, court or stage, in the boardroom and in the bedroom. You will be glad you invested in the most effective and the safest testosterone and androgan enhancing and boosting prohormone products available.

Order MAX-BULK from ANDRO FACTORY now and gain the power.

ANDRO FACTORY does not promote or encourage the use of any illegal steroids.

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