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Cortisol is naturally created in your body, but you don't want to hold on to all of it. While cortisol at normal levels is helpful in preparing the body to handle stressors and providing athletes with need sources of energy, unchecked cortisol can cause fat to accumulate in different areas of the body. You can't block all cortisol from your body - and your body need some cortisol to function properly.

Cortisol blockers are powerful products that can help hard-training athletes control fat production that results from unchecked cortisol levels!

Exercise stresses your body, and without some stress, your muscles would never grow. But too much stress is bad. It increases the production of cortisol-a catabolic stress hormone produced by the adrenal gland-which leads to muscle loss and fat gain. Control excess cortisol production with a cortisol blocking supplement which helps you achieve maximum leanness and maintain muscle mass.

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Supplement RX Amino Rx-3 (60 Servings) ASL HAF Black
Supplement RX Amino Rx-3 (60 Servings)
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HAF Black 60 Capsules
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Supplement RX Amino Rx-3 (60 Servings). Amino Rx-3 consists of three essential branched chain amino acids
When you combine a anti estrogen and cortisol that is the look you get. So take it and get H.A.F.