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1. What is a transdermal and how does it work?

TRANS; meaning "across", DERMAL; meaning "the skin". Although we think of the primary purpose of the skin as a barrier to keep things out of the body, scientists have known for at least 2 centuries that certain compounds have the ability to cross the layers of the skin and obtain access to blood vessels and the general circulation.

Modern medicine has responded with the development of methods to deliver drugs transdermally for therapeutic use as an alternative to traditional routes.

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Vyotech Nutritionals Ab-Solution Plus
Vyotech Nutritionals Ab-Solution Plus 8 Oz
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Ab-solution plus uses a pharmaceutical grade transdermal carrying agent called liposomes to shuttle the clinically proven active ingredients deep into the layers of fat where they go to work at helping reduce the unwanted fat.
Body FX AB-FX Defining Complex
Body FX AB-FX Defining Complex 8 Oz
Our Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $29.17
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AB-FX advanced transdermal formula is specifically designed to get rid of hard to lose abdominal fat - fast. Dare to Compare! The Most Complete
Pharmaceutical Transdermal Fat Loss Formula - Bar None!
Body FX Pump-FX Muscle Volumizer
Body FX Pump-FX Muscle Volumizer
Our Price: $47.95
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Maximizes your ability to workout heavy and hard, but safely, and with mind blowing pumps.
Experience the surge in muscle response, pump and intensity that only Pump FX can give you.
Novodex 30 TABS 30-90 DAY SUPPLY
Our Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $50.00
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Many report that it helps deter many side effects and is very safe.