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"When I decided that I was ready to move up to more powerful supplements, Horace was there from the very beginning.  He's been my trusted advisor since then and through his help, I continue to improve my physique.  THANKS DOG!
Jake, Avid Bodybuilder
Roxbury, PA

 "I've been a regular customer of Lyon's Protein Source for years. I especially appreciate the fast and efficient service that Horace provides, in sending high-quality merchandise at good prices. And Horace himself seems very personable and dedicated to helping his customers meet their fitness goals."
Ed Ferrara,
Former Nationals Competitor

For two years I have counted on Horace for good advice and he's never let me down.  I am very happy with the results I receive from Lyons Protein Source.
Seven, New York, NY
Model/Personal Trainer

I shop at LyonsProteinSource.Com because I enjoy dealing with a real person interested in helping me achieve real results.  Each and every time I call, I know I will be dealing direct with the owner (Horace) and I like the personal treatment by someone who actually knows me.
Eric, Orlando, FL
Bodybuilding Enthusiast